Our Notaries

ALP notaries is the result of 5 years of evolution and hard work from its founders. Initialy, back in 2011, Mtre Christiane Aubin, Mtre Geneviève Laflamme and Mtre Jean Paquin (hereinafter « ALP ») co-founded Guindon & associates notaries. That name was chosen at the time following the acquisition of the firm and clientele of Mtre Rodrigue Guindon who is now retired. In march 2014, came another big acquisition for ALP; the clientele of Mtre Louis Pidgeon who is also now retired. In order to ensure its future, our profession has a growing need for emerging professionals. In fact, in a couple of years from now, several legal firms may disappear as their founders retire. ALP wishes to have other opportunities of partnership of the future.

Notaire Geneviève Laflamme, Gatineau
Notaire Christiane Aubin, Gatineau
Notaire Jean Paquin, Gatineau
Notaire Christiane Aubin, Gatineau
Notaire Geneviève Laflamme, Gatineau
ALP Notaires Gatineau

In a desire to have a name that represente them, and in anticipation of a move, ALP decided to give a new image to their entreprise. In april 2016, ALP notaries was chosen as a new name with a new place of business! We wish to have the privilege of serving the population for a very long time. Our diverse and complete fields of practice include the following:


  • Real estate Law
  • Business Law
  • Estate Law
  • Will, Mandate, Advance medical directives
  • Non-contentious matters
  • Marriage


Offer you unparalleled service in a professional and comfortable setting. At ALP notaries, we believe that the relationship between our notaries and our clients is the key to success.