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Nothing can justify delaying the planification of your succession. It is important to remember that the notarized Will is the only solution to such important process. At ALP Notaries, we will provide you with all required professional assistance to protect the one you love most, spouse, children, and other beneficiaries of your choice that you wish to select as your legatees at the time of your death. A notarized Will is and remains your best asset in those circumstances. At ALP Notaries, we assist you in your inheritance planning with appropriate expert advice.


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Testament Notaire Gatineau
Notaire testament Gatineau

The mandate


We invest and work hard all our life to insure our quality of life. The event of our incapacity may unexpectedly put an end to all of this. Why not take some time to planify your protection should such an unfortunate event occur? At ALP Notaries you will be assisted to put in place a mandate which will provide for the appointment of a mandatary of your choice, to assist you in all of your needs, material and medical, therefore the administration of your propertyand the care of your person in the event of your incapacity.A notarized mandate in the event of incapacity is the solution and will provide you with peace of mind.


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Advance medical directives


Advance medical directives are a way of expressing one’s wishes in anticipation of incapacity to consent to care deriving from the Act Respecting End-Of-Life Care.Specifically, advance medical directives are contained in a written document in which a person of full age who is capable of giving consent to care specifies in advance the medical care that they will agree or refuse to receive in the event that they become incapable of giving consent to care in specific clinical situations.


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Notaire Testament